Chasing the wind with Vellie & Simon


“We love because it’s the only true adventure.” 
Nikki Giovanni



We believe that falling in love is the most exciting and beautiful thing that can become the most long lasting adventure in your life. Sometimes getting deeper in every day routine we start forgetting how lucky we are, being able to share moments with someone we love. That’s why our team always feels so thrilled when it’s time for love stories and engagement photo shoots. Every time an opportunity to tell a story about two loving hearts becomes a chance to get creative and put a couple into new adventure during the photo shoot. Actually being in front of the camera is already adventure itself for many people. So we make sure it is a positive one.

It was Sunday afternoon when Vellie and Simon showed us their beautiful and cozy house. While guys were getting ready for our little trip to Muriwai, we decided to have some tea with donuts which they kindly prepared special for the shoot. It was very unpredictable weather outside as it always happens to be in Auckland and probably everywhere in New Zealand. So we stayed at home for a while and it gave us opportunity to take some shots of Simon and Vellie weekend routine. Our little adventure had started with a little of sunshine got through the windows.

Vellie&Simon-(2) Vellie&Simon-(3) Vellie&Simon-(6) Vellie&Simon-(5) Vellie&Simon-(9) Vellie&Simon-(8) Vellie&Simon-(17) Vellie&Simon-(7) Vellie&Simon-(19) Vellie&Simon-(21) Vellie&Simon-(25) Vellie&Simon-(28) Vellie&Simon-(26) Vellie&Simon-(30) Vellie&Simon-(33) Vellie&Simon-(37) Vellie&Simon-(41) Vellie&Simon-(43) Vellie&Simon-(42) Vellie&Simon-(47)

Let stormy weather slide we decided to get into car and chase the wind.

Vellie&Simon-(55) Vellie&Simon-(53)

Muriwai met us with a wild wind and breathtaking colours of the sky reflecting on the waterfrong line. We asked Vellie and Simon to imagine that they were alone and do whatever they would do if it was an ordinary Sunday of their life. The atmosphere on the beach was perfect with its romantic vibes had been spreading around with the wild wind.

Vellie&Simon-(58) Vellie&Simon-(59) Vellie&Simon-(62) Vellie&Simon-(63) Vellie&Simon-(65) Vellie&Simon-(66) Vellie&Simon-(69) Vellie&Simon-(70) Vellie&Simon-(71) Vellie&Simon-(76) Vellie&Simon-(77) Vellie&Simon-(78) Vellie&Simon-(84) Vellie&Simon-(85) Vellie&Simon-(86) Vellie&Simon-(89) Vellie&Simon-(90) Vellie&Simon-(95) Vellie&Simon-(97) Vellie&Simon-(99) Vellie&Simon-(100) Vellie&Simon-(103) Vellie&Simon-(109) Vellie&Simon-(111) Vellie&Simon-(112) Vellie&Simon-(114) Vellie&Simon-(115) Vellie&Simon-(116) Vellie&Simon-(117) Vellie&Simon-(119) Vellie&Simon-(121) Vellie&Simon-(122) Vellie&Simon-(127) Vellie&Simon-(129) Vellie&Simon-(130) Vellie&Simon-(131) Vellie&Simon-(132) Vellie&Simon-(134) Vellie&Simon-(135) Vellie&Simon-(136)Vellie&Simon-(144)Vellie&Simon-(139) Vellie&Simon-(141) Vellie&Simon-(142) Vellie&Simon-(146)

We believe that being in love with someone who loves you back and ready to chase the wind with you can turn out as the most exciting adventure in your life that can last for ever.

Special thanks to Vellie and Simon for the shoot and having us on their wedding in January. We can’t wait to see and photograph you again guys!



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