Natalya & Elijah: Indie love on Kauri Point

“Love is contagious!” – someone says. When we look at photos of Natalya and Elijah we believe it’s true.

Natalya and Elijah are together for more than 10 years and an expression of tenderness and bonding between them can say without words that they are still in love. We always feel grateful being able to capture real emotions between people, especially such precious moments.

On the day of the shoot we decided to make it in a relaxing and cozy way drinking tea and having a picnic. We let the couple to enjoy the view and walk around Kauri point playing with their dog Indie. We wanted guys to feel like they are alone, we wanted them to be themselves so we would be able to catch natural moments of their day spent outdoors. And we believe it turned out well.

We are happy to share those moments with you now ;)


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