Hi There

We are Olga and Katherine, a tight-knit team of two friends passionate about creative storytelling. We love photographing weddings, this is what drives us and what fulfills our creative passion, we combine the best of each other’s experience and skills to produce really powerful and stunning imagery that you’ll fall in love with.

Who We Are


After earning a degree in Visual Design and gaining 5 years of experience in some of the leading design studios in New Zealand and Europe, in 2010 Olga decided to refocus her career towards photography, which has always been her passion. While working as a freelance commercial photographer and running a portrait photography studio, Olga found her true passion in photographing weddings.

Olga has a good eye for both design and photography and loves to utilise her design skills while creating stunning images for her clients. She finds inspiration in capturing genuine moments and telling amazing stories of love between two people through images.

Random facts about Olga

As a versatile and inquisitive individual, Katherine has always been in search of her life passion. Finally, after a few years of scouting and trying different areas such as economics, advertising and marketing, in 2012 Katherine found her authentic way to speak with the world – through photography. Aside from wedding photography, she finds inspiration in art and enjoys art-photography. Katherine is also the head photographer and project manager at the online journal Papaya Stories, an inspirational project.

Katherine is a creative soul and art-lover; her drive to produce something original is endless. However, she is also very interpersonal and can make everyone smile with ease, allowing them to relax in front of the camera.

Random facts about Katherine