Album Design

Let’s get started with your album design!

We hope you are both well and enjoying your married life. It’s time to start working on your album design and we are here to guide you through the process.

Our aim is to provide the ultimate, archival presentation for your photographs, our albums are composed of 10-colour inkjet Cotton Rag prints bound as seamless double page spreads that ensures intense colour and vivid detail.  Each page print is manually checked and finished in a fine coat of Hahnemühle archival spray to ensure its ultimate lifespan. Your album includes 40 pages with a possibility to add up to 50 spreads/100 pages should you wish to include more images from your special day.  Let’s start!

Step 1: Choose your Images

First, you need to choose a collection of images you’d like to include into the album. The best way to do this is by creating a new collection in your Pixiset gallery (you can name it Album). Then you can add pictures to that collection. 

We recommend choosing around 40 images to start with. We’ll try our best to fit them all in. As your album has 40 pages by default, some pages will have a few images grouped together and some would have only one, don’t forget about those beautiful full spreads for an added wow factor! 

It is a good idea to keep your album clutter free as much as possible, so maybe instead of trying to squeeze in more photos on one page, try adding more spreads. Extra spreads are priced at $100/per spread.

We usually group a few images from one part of the wedding together on one spread (for example, 3-4 images of your getting ready process, then a few with your bridal party, ceremony, etc). When selecting your images, keep in mind that it is better to keep images in color and black&white on separate spreads for the best looking album.

Sometimes, we’ll need to add an extra image to the layout, we’ll pick one we think suits the best from the entire collection, don’t worry you’ll be able to swap it later during the design review.

Step 2: Choose your Cover Option

We’ve sourced the finest quality distressed leather hides, Japanese silks, European linens and other contemporary book cloths for your Album. Please choose from the options below. If you are unsure, we are happy to catch up for a coffee and show these to you in person. For a full chart click here

Genuine Leather

Four premium grade Italian leather hides that look and feel luxurious.  The Black and White leather has a lightly stippled texture, while Tan and Brown have a beautifully worn, distressed finish.  They feature natural markings and may slightly change colour between dye lots.

Japanese Silk

Five Japanese silks with a vertical slub in classic and muted tones. Their rich texture and soft colours look beautiful on wedding albums.


Our 14 stunning European linens, with a lightly open weave, are fabulously tactile and exceptionally versatile. Choose from classic, muted and vivid colours to match your book design or end pages.


Metallics are back! These 4 cloth covers bring a contemporary look and a durable finish to your album.

Step 3: Choose your Cover Finishes

Text Emboss

You can choose to engrave your names on the cover free of charge. Currently we have it available in Black, Silver, Gold, Metallic Red, Bronze, Copper, Metallic Rose, White and Clear options*. There’s a limit of 15 characters and it is positioned in the center of the cover. 

*Please note: Not all foil colours are available with all cover materials

Custom Emboss

It is possible to engrave a special logo or text on your cover by creating a custom engraving stamp. This option would incur a $200 extra fee for the creation of the stamp. We can use your ready made vector design or happy to design it for you.    

End Pages

End pages are the first and last sheets that secure the hardcover to the album pages.  These are available in White, Black and Printed (this option features a photo or a custom design). The design is taken from the first and last spread of your album.

Matching Storage Boxes

For the ultimate presentation order a handmade hinged box to match your album. Matching boxes are priced at $450

Step 4: Layout Design & Review

Once we have the selection of images and your preferred cover options, we’ll start designing the layout. You’ll be able to swap images before it goes to print. You have one revision included into the album price, if you require more rounds, each one will be charged at $250 per round of changes. We would do every effort to complete every revision in 7 working days.

For a smooth and quick process you should confirm your satisfaction with the choice of photographs within 2 weeks of receiving the digital proof. If we don’t hear from you after 2 weeks, the album will be sent to print.  

Step 5: Printing

Your album goes to print! Wooohooo! It takes 21-28 days to produce your album, plus a few days to get it back from the printers, sometimes longer depending on the their workload. 

Step 6: Shipping

We check the quality of the album, when it arrives and send it to you. NZ-wide postage is included. Please, email us on the receiving of the album to confirm that you are happy with the quality withing 7 working days.