Wedding Questionnaire

Hey, nice to see you! Time flies so fast isn’t it?! Your wedding is approaching and¬†we are very excited to be a part of your special day. There are a few things that we’d like to ask you. Some details might have changed since our initial meeting as well as new ones have been added. Please, fill out this questionnaire, it would help us to be even more awesome.

    What we NEED to know about you and your wedding.

    Brides Full Name (required)

    Grooms Full Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Brides Cellphone (required)

    Brides Emergency Contact in case if we can't reach you (maybe your maid of honor or someone that would be with you all day)

    Grooms Cellphone (required)

    Grooms Emergency Contact in case if we can't reach you (maybe your best man or someone that would be with you all day)

    Postal address. We'll use it to send your USB, we can send it to your work address so you don't miss that courier.

    Ceremony location address (required)

    Reception location address (if different from the ceremony venue)

    What time does your ceremony start? (required)

    What time does your reception start? (required)

    Where will the groom be getting ready?
    Will he doing any activities with the boys on the morning?

    Where will the bride be getting ready on the wedding day?

    Please provide names for all bridesmaids

    Please provide names for all groomsmen

    Do you have a videography coverage on your wedding day? Please provide us with the company name

    What we WANT to know about you and your wedding.

    Tell us about your history together? How did you meet? Who made the first move? How did you propose?

    Tell us about you guys?! What makes you guys so awesome together?

    How would your friends describe you both?
    What do you love about each other?
    Does he have any funny habits that stand out?
    Does she say certain things when she nervous?
    What do you find cute about each other?
    What do you admire about each other?

    Tell us about your family? Are there certain relationships within your family that are really strong?
    Is someone known for being a bit of a character!? Are there family jokes that you all relate to and laugh at?

    Tell us about your wedding day in terms of how it reflects you guys.
    Is the location significant and meaningful? Are their certain people who have meaningful roles to play throughout the day?
    Is there a theme or decorations that reflect your story? Might there be a haka or special performance happening?
    Have you practiced and practiced and practiced your wedding dance? What part of the day are you looking forward to the most?

    What do you like most about our style of photography?

    We feature a selection of weddings on our blog. If we feature yours, we'd love to credit all the awesome people who helped you celebrate your day.

    What's the brand/designer of your dress?

    Brand of your shoes

    Groom's attire brand/store

    Bridesmaids dresses

    Groomsmen attire

    Who's your florist?

    Who's your makeup artist/hairstylist?

    Stationery designer

    Wedding planner/stylist



    Anyone else that we might've missed (furniture/prop hire, band/entertainment, car hire ect )