Rainy day Mantells Mt. Eden Wedding

They say it’s a lucky symbol if it rains on your wedding day, we guess, we are very lucky here in New Zealand, as it rains a lot! We’ve learnt to embrace the elements and make the most of the day in any weather, we always have a plan B (and C) up our sleeve. We love shooting in the rain and not afraid to get a bit wet for a good shot, but when Harriet& Chris got married we had to use our plan C as it was one of those days when a 2 months amount of rain decided to fall in 1 day, it was stormy and shooting outside was not an option. Luckily, we had our backup plan ready and all the photos happened indoors. It is very important to have a wet weather option at your venue as well, we love shooting at Mantells Mt. Eden as it has a lovely backup option for the ceremony. Candlelit, cosy and warm, it is just perfect for those intimate weddings.


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