Kitekite waterfall and Piha North Engagement Session with Meulasi & Pulith

“If you give me home I will give you adventure. It’s both we can have.”

Tyler Knott Gregson

We always love arranging engagement sessions in locations that related to our couples. There is so much more chemistry based on happy memories two loving hearts have shared you can feel. Meulasi and Pulith’s proposal story happened at one of the most scenic locations on West Coast in Auckland. Once we’re heard where and how it was our hearts burst with an idea to re visit the spot which uncovers views as breathtaking as probably guys’ memories were. Meulasi also told us that they love hiking and one of their favourite places was Kitekite waterfalls which is around the corner from North Piha. So we got in to comfy hiking shoes, grabbed our backpacks and went for a half day adventure.







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