Sunny & Julius. Dark & Moody Homecoming at The Hunting Lodge, New Zealand

This was Sunny & Julius’s Homecoming. While the wedding is orchestrated by the brides family the homecoming which follows the honeymoon, is hosted by the grooms family. It’s a traditional Sri Lankan ceremony that welcomes the new bride into the grooms family as she leaves her own. It starts with the newlyweds entering with the wife’s family and being presented to the husband’s. They light a traditional Sri Lankan oil lamp which is done before any ceremony to welcome good fortune, because light will always rid the darkness. Then they cut the cake and enter together as one united family.

Beforehand Sunny & Julius were keen to go for a little adventure to Muriwai. Wild scenery of the black sand beach appeared a great background for the colours Sunny & Julius were wearing. We loved how untraditional their outfits were. It gave amazing contrast and moody vibe to the pictures. “We’re honestly one in the same. We laugh at life and don’t take it too seriously.” – they say about themselves. And it is so true! Couldn’t imagine someone more into each other. It felt so easy to be around and capture their genuine happiness. At some point we couldn’t stop laughing with them their energy was so contagious.

The Homecoming took a place at The Hunting Lodge which was turned into a charmed forest by Leaf & Honey. Honestly, we think Leaf & Honey are one of the best florists in New Zealand as they can create unique pieces the shapes & colours of  you can imagine on Caravaggio or Renoir paintings.  They added the atmosphere to the place for sure.



Sunny & Julius want to say thank to amazing vendors:

Stylist& Florist: Naomi from Leaf & Honey
Stationery: Gem Gudsell from Just My Type
Ceremony & reception venue: The Hunting Lodge
Catering: Mint Kitchen
Cake: Emma from Strawberry Sky

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